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My teachers.

20 Freaking Hilarious Video Game Memes of August, 2013


Who does my baby look like?

I can't ever find the likeness.


Mind officially blown…

It makes sense

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Group Projects

Group projects.


Have you seen these rabbits?

Wanted I HAVE ASKED THIS FOR EVERY SINGLE DAMN episode of max & ruby. that ruby is annoying as F*** & max is a pain in the A$$ mama rabbit is probabally passed out on vodka & carrot juice in her bedroom, & papa rabbit is at the bunny strip club... I don't blame them. their kids SUCK!


A tree's last revenge.

this just made me giggle...I will now think this every time I get a paper cut!

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never thought of it that way before...

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Just great to know that there are still Teachers out there with a great sense of humor....