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very true


Ha. Amen.


Even though I never want him back, I lost the person who I thought was my best friend. It's been hard finding out who he really is. I'm just thankful to learn the real person now and not 10 years from now with kids.

I don't think anyone has ever fallen in love with my personality. :/ | See more about people, true stories and inner beauty.


So true. I'm so glad I met you Doug when I was 14. You made such an impression in my life and Im grateful we have had a second chance at happiness.

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Yep :)

So true. But some people keep trying to read it while the other person doesn't even know we're the book is at. Move on




lucky me, I found one <3


This is so true!!!


I need to remember this everyday of my life! 5 kids, full-time school, and ALL the home responsibilities;it is hard but in the end it will be worth it!