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Repost. So sad for those who have cancer. But praying for those who have cancer and hoping that a view will be found.

Repin please!

My mom's bffs mom sadly died of all cancers WE LOVE YOU TEMASA

Love this

hahah so me

No Instructions

You always need your mom - 8 x 10 chalk board printable from Fox Hollow Cottage


every time I think of you, the walls come crashing down. I can't smile about the good without crying tears of pain

Not a day goes by that I dont look at your picture and smile. Or cry. Or both. ~ Dean Jackson get more only on freefacebookcover... . Check it our here:

Need this reminder every day


Goodbye Mario Herrera I will always remember how you loved me and your hugs..

I may not officially be from the south, but I have family from there and since its in my blood I figure I'm am honorary southern girl. :)

Never thought of life like this before.

This for the ones I have loved and lost. RIP- Dad, Alain, Aunt Betty,Grandma,Tom. Think of you often and will love you forever. xoxoxoxoxo

to all my followers :)

for little girls every-where. Race for the Cure