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Hug Me From Behind | #WinMyHeart #Win #Heart #Relationship #Love

change to Pick me up after a long time apart.....I love that one time when i went to Rome, London, and Paris and you picked me up after being apart for a long time. It was so perfect being able to give you a huge hug and kiss right when i got home and being able to tell you all about my trip on the ride home :) oh my gosh, yes. this blog has everything i have ever thought of and haven't thought of. lovelovelove it. and the "remember little things about me" is a big one for me, too.

Have A Good Sense Of Humor | #WinMyHeart #Win #Heart #Relationship #Love

I love how we always support each other in everything we do, and how Derek never gives up on me especially when he is teaching me new things like rollerblading, he always keeps telling me i can do it even when at the time I'm really awful at it :)

My favourite thing in the world is surprises. The most special and beautiful things in life are unexpected. From things that cost money, like randomly buying something your partner wants... To things that fake time, like planning a romantic dinner... To a random I love you message. Or, a random surprise visit. Every surprise, big or small, is special

The Boyfriend Store