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Homemade plastic jellyfish…

Jellyfish in a bottle. Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Once made, they can be saved each year and then a new glow stick can be added inside. The kids love flying these around the yard at night! Could be a fun camping craft or put out during party

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Attention all my preschool teacher friends - Fish craft! Thanks to magnets hidden under the lid, this goldfish shimmies, quivers, and floats in its jam-jar bowl just like the real thing.

I made these "I Spy" bottles for the toddlers, using plain old millet birdseed in large, empty Voss water bottles. Then I added little plastic toys, a penny, a peach pit carved like a monkey, an army man & whatever else I could find. Added a list on the lid of the things to look for. This would be a GREAT kids camp craft!!

Preschool Powol Packetsfrom Preschool Powol Packets

Science Experiment: Elephant Toothpaste

"Elephant" toothpaste. Fun!


Science Saturday – Eggstreme Science

this really works - wild! Dissolve egg shell off with vinegar and it will become a "naked egg" that can bounce... how fun!

easy bubble blower! The kids loved it! There was a "fight" over a larger water bottle until the kids discovered you can make longer bubble "tails" with a smaller bottle (requires less air to blow).

The Celebration Shoppefrom The Celebration Shoppe

pearls of wisdom

You’ll need (for one): 18 ounce beverage container 10 shells per container 1/4 cup sand Green and blue food coloring Silver glitter Water Mineral or baby oil Hot glue gun


18 Different Ways to Repurpose Your Beer Bottles

Turn old beer bottles into shot glasses with this tutorial.