I had one of these!

I remember my crib was similar to this one

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder 4oz in the metal canister

Rubber Pants over diapers

Vintage Hair Dryer

Remember these

silver cake decorations

bubbles #retro #vintage

1950's diaper pin

I remember these.

The good ole days...

Vintage 70s Jack In The Box by Mattel...I remember this one.

Remember when?? Used to love going to the drive-in movies

brownies uniform :o)..loved the cap..got to wear the uniform to school on meeting days

Was talking about these the other day!

had a pink one

Remember these were everywhere

Happy Days

Remember licking the beaters??? Still love doing it!

Baby Alive 1975 I fed her and she peed

Vintage Diaper Pins Shabbic Chic Ducks by RomanticallyVintage, $6.00