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Celtic Butterfly Tattoo

Celtic symbol for strength. I've been through a lot and I want my future tattoo(s) to have meanings.

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celtic raven Symbols | Pagan Tattoo Designs Reminds me of my tribal phoenix It would pair well too. :)

Hearts and butterfly tattoo design

Celtic cross tattoo symbolizes a bridge in between the earth and heaven

Butterfly tattoo in white.

celtic butterfly

50 Cross Tattoos | Tattoo Designs of Holy Christian, Celtic and Tribal Crosses

Amazing Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design: Small And Simple Butterfly Tattoo Designs ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

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Celtic Symbol for Friendship. They'd need to be super small, of course, but I think these would be perfect for my BFF and myself :)

Butterfly music tattoo

Butterfly tattoo with a heart and key

celtic symbol for love

Celtic Knot

celtic tattoo design small interwoven cross

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the mother-daughter Celtic knot that represents the unbreakable bond and unconditional love between a mother and her child