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great pattern and could be done with many color combinations

flora chang Torry Scarbrough...not exactly the tattoo of my dreams, but it does have yarn, no?

So so gorgeous! I would love to put this method to use at some time. I just love this!

Changing colors while knitting ~ I've never seen this way of changeing colors before.

Annemarie's Haakblog: How to: change colour!

How To Change Color Without Knots

How to do garter stitch intarsia: " because this is garter, I am knitting on both sides. When it comes time to change, the yarn I am putting down is in the back, but the yarn I want to pick up is in the front....To get them in the correct position, I'm going to have to switch them by first moving the purple yarn between the needles and to the front, and then, moving the green yarn between the needles and to the back." MANY thanks to Michelle of Another Knitting Blog!

A great tip when crocheting 2 color: "When changing from colour1 to colour2, make sure to do the change on the last stitch of the first colour"

Last week I showed you how to weave in ends as a part of sharing the basics of crochet with ... keep reading!