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Proof: Obama and Eric Holder knew about Gun Walking in March 2009 (Video) More of Obama and Eric Holder’s lies exposed. The Right Scoop has posted a video from a March 2009 press conference where gun walking/tracing was announced not only as an issue very important to the president, but directed by the president in conjunction with Attorney General Eric Holder! Uh oh, Spaghetti-Ohs!

A picture says a thousand words. President Obama and former President Bush with a wounded soldier. Soldiers know the difference...

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How much does Obama cherish this country & its military that fought & died for us? In all the years since D-Day1945, there are only 3 occasions when a president FAILED TO GO to the D-Day Monument honoring soldiers killed during the invasion. 1.Barack Obama 2010 2.Barack Obama 2011 3.Barack Obama 2012 For the past 68 yrs, all presidents EXCEPT Obama have paid tribute to the fallen soldiers. Instead, he made a campaign trip on Air Force 1 to CA to raise campaign funds. NOT VERY PRESIDENTIAL!!!

This criminal belongs in jail and should be tried for murder. How many people died as a direct result of Holder's actions? Obama most likely authorized the failed 'Fast and Furious' debacle, but we'll probaly never know the details of this since Holder is stonewalling by not answering the supeona for evidence.

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The 10 Images Republicans Want You To See

WHY should AMERICA TOLERATE this DISRESPECT from our President!! This is criminal, he works for this country, time to get these people OUT of our WHITE HOUSE...FIRE OBAMA NOW...

Shoes on the Table 11.....The desk, built from timbers of the 'HMS Resolute' and a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes is considered a national treasure and icon of the presidency. Again, no respect for the powerful office he stole!! Disgusting & the worst president this country will EVER see!!!