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    3y Saved to Precious Pets
    • Emily Osberg-Brown

      So true! Animals always suffer at the hands of people. It's sad how many irresponsible pet owners are out there.

    • Ashley Nicole

      too true! My pit bull is the sweetest dog ever! Truly amazing animals. Treat animals cruely and they will lash out at someone because they think everyone will treat them with cruelty!

    • Michael Hardinger

      Isnt this the truth!!! Terrorise any breed of dog and it will become vicious. Rat Terriers worry me more than Pitties.

    • Erin Kelley

      My Pit is the lovey-est dog I have ever had. Check the owner next time you think it's the breed's fault.

    • Emily Johns

      I hate it when people blame the breed of dog instead of the owner that beats it to make it aggressive. I'm probably going to hoard pit bulls when I'm older.

    • Skylar Jannetta

      so true. pitbulls really are loving animals, they've just been stereotyped to be evil because of humans wrong doing.

    • Patricia Eiferd

      Pitbulls that is so true. They said the same thing about Dobermans. German Sheperds and other breed throughout the years. Pitbulls are no more dangerous than the person that owns them.

    • Claire Ann

      So true, if they want to blame, punish and ban 1 breed of dogs because of some bad owners, are they going to ban all children? I can think of so many kids that I have encountered with irresponsible parents, how is that different than irresponsible parents? I will never be able to wrap my mind around making dogs (or any animal for that matter) for fun/pleasure/make money/or whatever it is that can make a human do that to another living animal.

    • Jordan Carney

      Pitbulls. So true. Judge the owner now the breed

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