• susan portal

    Elmer's Glue Lid - Use an old glue cap and put it on a acrylic paint bottle to be able to write in color, so smart!

  • Pebbsandbamm Brown

    Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it. this is possibly the most genius crafting idea i have ever seen.

  • Deborah Jennings

    DIY Crafting Trick~ Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it! A useful tip that prevents a mess and conserves a lot more glue!

  • Twitchy Witchy Studios

    Save those Elmer's Glue caps!!! Put the glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it!

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Curtains I love from Itty Bitty Bella in Collierville, TN. It's strips of burlap and various fabrics.

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Marker spray bottles. Awesome idea for old markers!

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education blog with classroom management, classroom design and organization, teaching tips and much more :)) also love the paint chips as a border for bulletin boards, fun way decorate and can use to teach about hues and color

new city arts: recycle and recreate

10 Best Organizing Tips for the Classroom- Hot glue curtains to hide a mess under your tables!

This intricate-looking planter is surprisingly easy to make at home. Just follow the steps to transform nylon or cotton rope into a decorative home for your favorite houseplant.

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paint chip mobile....

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How to sharpen scissors at home: Sandpaper sharpens the blades as well as smooths out nicks and dings!

use sponges and liquid watercolors for diy stamp pads

Cleaning your paintbrushes & rollers: Fill a bucket with warm water, add 1 cup fabric softener, toss in your paint brushes & rollers, and let them soak 10 minutes. Come back and give them a rinse -- they should be clean!

How to get rid of paint spills, splatters, and mistakes even after they've dried!

bathroom pass Worry Dolls: Clothes pin, yarn, skinny markers. black sand for hair. "Silly Billy" is the book sculpture craft toy

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work boxes, have one for each student, when they finish their work they can go to their work box and pull out things to work on that the teacher has placed in there. (lets the teacher assign different things for the student/if they need extra practice in an area) - DIFFERENTIATION!

Use streamers to make a color wheel to hang from the ceiling

Cool classroom sign: ART ~ Let's Make Something Amazing

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Autism Classroom News: www.autismclassro... Art Choice Visuals in Action: Scrapbooking by Autism Classroom News: www.autismclassro... could do something like this for choice making- what do you take to art?

car wash mitts from the dollar store -- kids use them to clean the whiteboards. I could use these on my Find It pictures.

I use the foam sheets when we do metal tooling. The perfect resistance to pressure and great when we use sharpies...so we don't leak through.

Just slip in the skein, pull from the middle, and you are done. No need to roll the yarn into balls. I have used this with my elementary kids with no problems. I wrap the container with contact paper to make it more attractive.