Wood and Metal Wall Art - Tin Punching... I think adding some smaller pieces like this off of the mural my husband painted on our wall would look really neat.

Wall of inspirational words

Holy Wall Sconce!

Pie Tin Punch Patterns | Primitive Punched Tin Pie Safe Panel Wall Hanging - Rustic Tin Punch

DIY? Reclaimed Wood Chevron Wall Hanging.

a wood burning plaque I did for my daughter, Ellie. I'm just now learning how to do pyrography so it's rough looking but looks nice on the wall

Stenciling Wood Wall Art - could use metallic stencil glaze in gold or silver on a stained or natural wood/pallet piece. When done add a nail hangar kit to hang. Beautiful.

How to get decorations on your walls. :)

Tin punch pattern.

tin-punched style

Tin Punch Lamp Tutorial

punched tin

Tin punching

Punched Tin Patterns

Tin punching

Tin punching

Tin tags

punched tin

How to Make Punched "Tin" Butterflies

Tin punching

Painted tin can planters.