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Axe China, 1300-1200 BC

  • hafted axe

  • smithsonian museums

  • axe china

  • ancient weapons

  • bladeanyang china

  • china smithsonian

  • chinese art

  • blade anyang

  • china 1300

A bone needle showing an Ogham Script, which is native to Early Christian Ireland found in West Virginia, and I'm still asking myself "WHY HERE other than a proven Celtic burial " ?????

  • ancient history

  • ogham script

  • celtic needle

  • ancient ireland

  • christian ireland

  • virginia history

  • ogham inscriptions

  • ancient celtic

Statue of Ptah Made of Bronze and Gold 26th Dynasty

  • ancient history

  • artificial beard

  • bracelets beard

  • ptah bronze

  • colors statue

  • egypt ancient

  • ancient egyptian

China, Pendant of a Double Ring Feline Dragon, Warring States Period, 475-221 BCE. Jade

  • bce jade

  • warring states period

  • 221 bce

  • dragon warring

  • artefacts china

Sword and wooden shield found at Boringholm, near Horsens, Denmark. The sword is an Oakeshott Type XVIa blade from the 14th century, and is listed as XVIa.3 in Records of the Medieval Sword. The leather on the sword is original. Image from the Danish Nationalmuseet.

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Viking Sword, Danish, 9th or 10th century. Located at Reichsstadtmuseum Rothenburg, Germany. www.facebook.com/myArmoury/photos/a.761172733928479.1073741844.103244573054635/751100294935723/?type=3&theater

  • sword danish

  • blades viking swords

  • vikings norse

  • viking norse

  • danish 9th

  • dallan s sword

  • axes swords weapons

Heraldry Cheat Sheet v.0.13 by DennisBusch shield guide how to turorial instructionsr | Create your own roleplaying game books w/ RPG Bard: www.rpgbard.com | Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder RPG Warhammer 40k Fantasy Star Wars Exalted World of Darkness Dragon Age 13th Age Iron Kingdoms Fate Core Savage Worlds Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu Basic Role Playing Traveller Battletech The One Ring d20 Modern DND ADND PFRPG W40K WFRP COC BRP DCC TOR VTM GURPS science fiction sci-fi horror art

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Chinese Jade Flying Horse Dildo, 18th century - [Although it is a beautiful carving, one has to ask where does Art and History end and pornography begin? It's age gives it history, but I have to wonder exactly how anyone's prejudices may affect their definition of Art.]

  • jade flying

  • chinese jade

  • dildo 18th

  • horse dildo

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  • sex toys

  • jade phallus

* An early Mesopotamian bronze axehead, late 3rd millennium BC | Sands of Time Ancient Art

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  • ancient history

  • bronze axehead

  • ancient middle

  • mesopotamian bronze

  • ancient mesopotamian

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Drinking cup with olives, silver, ca. 50 B.C., Pompeii

  • pompeii 50

  • olives pompeii

  • ancient artifacts

  • olives silver

Kayapo, the Scythian artifact, 700 BC

  • ancient astronaut

  • aliens visited

  • aliens the mysterious ufos

  • ufos ancient

  • ancient aliens

  • scythian artifact

  • aliens ufo s

  • anticent aliens

Helmet Greek, South Italy, 400 - 375 B.C. Bronze The J. Paul Getty Museum

  • helmet greek

  • animal horns

  • greek helmet

  • greek 400

  • paul getty

  • getty museum

Ancient Celtic art sword 700 - 200 BC

  • celtic art

  • celtic 700

  • ancient swords

  • ancient celtic

the Celts were amazing artists- this shield is from 2nd Century BC...Art Nouveau wasnt so new eh?;)

  • celtic art

  • wandsworth shield

  • 2nd century

  • celtic culture

  • iron age

  • celtic shield

  • century bc

  • ancient celtic

Viking key; bronze; loop for suspension at head of bow, which is decorated with pattern of circles and lines.

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  • keys locks

  • british museum

  • viking key

Chinese armor. Tang dynasty.

  • ancient armor

  • armor chinese

  • armor tang

  • chinese armor

  • armor costumes

  • tang dynasty armor

  • 41 chinese

Lidded ritual ewer (huo) in the form of an elephant with masks and dragons ca. first half 11th century B.C.E. Shang dynasty Late Anyang period Bronze Middle Yangzi Valley, China Smithsonian Museums

  • chinese bronze

  • bronze vessel

  • ancient china

  • chinese art

  • arts mask

An Old Akkadian Bronze Axe - c. 2340-2200. | "After the fall of the Akkadian Empire, the Akkadian people of Mesopotamia eventually coalesced into two major Akkadian speaking nations: Assyria in the north, and, a few centuries later, Babylonia in the south." @Wikipedia.org

  • 2340 2200bce

  • akkadian empire

  • akkadian bronze

  • 2200 bce

  • akkadian speaking

  • bronze axe

  • akkadian period

  • akkadian people

Roman Inlaid dagger (pugio) and scabbard, signed on the hilt by Honillius(?), ca. 1st – 2nd century A.D. Bronze, iron, silver, gold, niello

  • dagger pugio

  • 2nd century

  • inlaid dagger

  • bronze iron

  • 1st 2nd

Ceremonial imperial Qing Dynasty armor and sword.

  • armour jpg 401

  • chinese warrior armor

  • chinese history ancient china

  • ancient chinese warrior

  • ancient chinese armour

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  • armor uniforms

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