wagon wheel

Wagon Wheel and Flowers

Old Milk Can…stuffed with sunflowers & a rusty wagon wheel in the garden. · The Garden Project

Put sideways pot anywhere with a solar light behind flowers very pretty....


So pretty, I want to do this!

INSPIRATION | TOPIARY FORM :: DIY Charm Wire Metal Topiary Dome, Set Of 2 (Two Pieces a Set) :: $25.50 | https://decorsteals.com :: [16dia] Crafted of wire, the 2 pieces clip together to form a dome. :: This is a clever product, if only it wasnt so huge! I think you could make one... | #topiaryform #wire

Forget stump grinding, plant a garden!

Wagon Wheel as Trellis

Love this...now to just scrounge up a wagon wheel... garden

This is a great idea to fix up an old door and turn it into a flower garden display.

wagon wheel

Decoratin with wagon wheels <3

*old ladders* This is so pretty!

attach 1/2" wire mesh to create a flower 'bed'.


Wagon Wheel...rebar spokes?

Old Wagon Wheels in the Garden Landscape...

showing possibilities with the old metal and old wooden wheels from wagons and farm equipment, etc

wagon wheel landscaping ideas | visit theoldtinshed com

Yard chairs