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'loyalty' style chore/stay in bed cards!  Great idea and neater than blinkin' sticker charts!!!!

DIY Printable Punch Cards - chore cards, stay in bed cards. I love the idea of stay in bed cards!

magnet chore chart | spray painted all the boards black, then attached my metal.

Pick Your Chores Magnetic Chore Chart. Love this idea! Still have to do chores but it gives them a choice.

tooth fairy box...no more trying to find that ziplock bag under the pillow.   # Pin++ for Pinterest #

In this box I will lay the little tooth I lost today…Please dear ToothFairy while I sleep leave me a coin…My tooth you can keep. Tooth fairy box…no more trying to find that ziplock bag under the pillow.

Travel Tip to Inspire Kids to be Good: decorated clothes pin for each child is clipped to car or vehicle visor. If the child acts out the clothes pin is taken down. Those pins still left on visor at the next stop get a treat. Good idea. Car trip ideas. Travel tip

idea for car rides with future children: Road trip clips: One clip for each kid. If they are sweet, clip stays up, if they are not, clip comes down. Everyone with a clip on the visor gets a treat at the next stop.

als je kind nog niet helemaal weet wat links of rechts is..

Preschool Shoe Tip — To help young kids figure out which shoe goes on which foot, cut a sticker in half and place the right half inside the right shoe and left half inside the left shoe. Kids can then match up the sticker.

SO doing this for my kiddos someday... send Oh, the Places Youll Go by Dr. Seuss each year on the last day of school. Dont tell your kids and let them read 13 years of messages on their graduation day!

A book for each school teacher to sign at the end of the school year. By high school graduation the child has a book full of little notes from each teacher as they grow!


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Baby wipe box reused as a crayon box. If we have kids we most likely have crayons and baby wipes. Crayons come in cardboard boxes that tear and break. Baby wipes come in durable plastic boxes that can be reused.

Write notes back and forth with your child. Leave it in their bed, when they have a chance, they write back and leave it on your bed. Great keepsake to look back on.

Mommy and Me journal. Write letters back and forth, leave under pillows. very sweet idea and love the Momemento it would give you years down the road I did this with my mom and it is such a special keepsake! My mom and I did this!

Kids punch chore cards-love this idea!

DIY Printable Punch Cards chore cards - Stay in Bed Card idea too. Printing these out for the kids!

Age appropriate chores! These are great, fun, realistic ideas. I think Braylee would love to have this list for chores!

chore chart ideas, including this printable - you know, someday they might actually listen to me and do some chores.