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Someone found the sprinkles! (from Instagram: @Abbey Berro)

maddieonthings: Party Nose maddie: seriously you can take the picture, but sprinkles arent that funny notes in seconds later) maddie: *sigh* (ps i love her)

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Maddie Theron Humphrey i-dont-wanna-grow-up-happy-birthday-maddie

“Xente. Parrem de rrir”. | 11 cachorros que aprenderam do pior jeito a não comer abelhas

11 cachorros que aprenderam do pior jeito a não comer abelhas

11 Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees.poor little guy

The most patient dog in the world

20 Mascotas que merecen un premio a la paciencia

Meet The Most Patient Dog In The World – love it! Pitbulls are amazing pets!

" Privilege não significa que você é rico , que você já teve uma vida fácil , que tudo foi entregue a você , e você nunca teve luta ou a trabalhar duro. Tudo isto significa é que há algumas coisas na vida que você não vai experiência- ou sempre tem que pensar sobre- apenas por causa de quem você é.

Carolina the Blue Great Dane with a wreath of soft pink flowers. Dog portrait photography by accordingtofox on VSCO Grid

cachorro alheio.

You guys know Maddie? She is a very good dog with some very good Halloween costume ideas. Maddie, you get ALL my treats.

“Obrrigado. Voxê é um grrande amigo”. | 11 cachorros que aprenderam do pior jeito a não comer abelhas

11 cachorros que aprenderam do pior jeito a não comer abelhas

Cute dog stung by a bee. While I'm laughing, I can't help feeling sad for the poor doggy. LOL (This happened to one of our cats once. He got stung by a wasp, and his face swelled up. He didn't look nearly as cute as this little guy, though!

"Estou me divertindo demais, você não consegue perceber pela minha expressão?"

17 Grumpy Puppies Could you not? I'm having a great time, can't you tell by my face? Or, I just love Mondays, can't you tell/ XD they look funny

sorriso de melancia

Pug eating a watermelon, yummmm.


sweet whippet wearing a head scarf.

Maddie on Things Theron Humphrey

O retorno de Maddie – a cachorra mais carismática de todos os tempos

Can you teach me how to play the dog!

hurr durr derp face - Erts so Gerd!

'That cupcake is out of my reach, but who cares. It may be sour anyway'. This cute frustrated doggie saying to himself but still have his eyes on the cute cupcake.

by Theron Humphrey

Maddie on things

Maddie the coonhound, by Theron Humphrey. He is so talented, and Maddie is the squinty-eyed epitome of canine grace.


34 invenções geniais de acessórios

toilet water bowl - Keeping pets away from drinking water from the toilet can get frustrating for pet owners; for such cases, this Toilet Water Bowl will be a fun and .

Que tédio...

Creative print advertising campaign by Biocanina. The slogan ” Love him like you love yourself ” clearly wants to send a signal to every person not to neglect own pet.

O paradão estoico

O paradão estoico

Maddie the Coonhound