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My personal before and afters of my 90 day challenge! My daily routine: Profit with 2scoops greens (a.m) Exercise 2 Thermofit 3 NewYou 2 scoops greens (2-3p.m) My next pictures will include wrapping the next 30 days! Stay tuned:) Get your health back....and sexy back:) 817-905-9931

MY PERSONAL RESULTS (2/2014-6/2014) Left: before at 132lbs Top Right: 118lbs after 90 days of It Works! Supplements and exercise Bottom Right: 112lbs 30 days of It Works! Supplements, exercise and WRAPPING:) 120 days total on my challenge, the only thing I did different from day 90-120 was add wraps! I wrapped 3 times! Want more info, contact me 817-905-9931 Or go to my site

No excuses! Time to take our health back and set good examples for our children! I choose exercise and It Works! Supplements for my health....and wealth:) Wanna know more- go here Click on JOIN- (this will not "join" you) Take a look at the stories, the lives changed!...the PRODUCTS:). Let me know what you think! 817-905-9931

My personal before and afters! 2 wraps used in 5 days, this picture is 2 days after my 2nd wrap! AMAZING huh?! 817-905-9931

Do you know 3 people!? Does 1 of those 3 know 2 people?! Or do you know 5 people?! You do?! Well then You just earned yourself $1000 bonus! It's that simple! Or text INFO: 817-905-9931

Confianza....anti stress formula that leaves you feeling calm, cool and collected:). I do NOT go a day without them! 817-905-9931 Http://

It's super easy, takes less than 3 minutes to apply, 45 minutes to see results and 2 pictures to see the difference! Are you ready to wrap?! 817-905-9931 Http://