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Love cats!

It’s Nap Time…

Sunday Funnies: 21 Hilarious Beauty-Themed E-Cards

I'm going to bang you so hard we should probably exchange insurance information.

i think it's so funny how every single one of these teen posts applies to my thinking. i didn't know i was that ordinary

@Jessica Wang quotes about love 65 70 Quotes About Love and Relationships

I mean, I like him, but...

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I almost had an "I need a 'guy' moment, but then I was able to get the vodka open. [single, needing help of a handy man]

If she likes you she doesn't care how tired she is or even how late at night it is. She will talk to you.

"Advice You'll Never See in Cosmo" Haha

And my dog. I sleep with a ton of clothes I refuse to fold that take up half the bed and my dog that takes up a half of my half!

Yup..single life... This could not be anymore accurate at this exact moment!

The amount of alcohol I would need to sleep with you... Seriously FUNNY! #humor #single #funny

Getting into a relationship may seem tempting, but so was getting on the titanic and look what happened there.

Been there! Hahaaaa :-P


I do what the fuck I want!! #single #noworries #mynextboyfriendisgoingtobefreakinamazing

How to Keep those Jealous Feelings at Bay When Everyone is Coupling Up:

Honestly I don't get it, but it always happens.. workwithdemarea.l...

When I say to you "that's crazy," 99% of the time it means I haven't been listening to a single word of what you just said. Talk thing of importance to me.

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