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  • Karen Delmont

    Vintage Photos From Long Ago: May 13 - Dusty Old Thing

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  • Melanie Star

    The Hatfield Clan - Hatfield & McCoy Feud project on Geni - Wow. I didn't know "Devil Anse" was Clan Anderson! And in West Virginia where my Anderson family is from.

  • Tyra Brockington

    The HatfieldMcCoy feud (18821888) involved two families of the West VirginiaKentucky back country along the Tug Fork, off the Big Sandy River. The Hatfields of West Virginia were led by William Anderson Devil Anse Hatfield while the McCoys of Kentucky were under the leadership of Randolph Ole Ranl McCoy. Those involved in the feud descended from Ephraim Hatfield (born c. 1765) and William McCoy (born c. 1750).

  • Ramona West

    Hatfield McCoy feud, KY & WV Hatfield family photo 1897, but the feud started right after the Civil War-Great mini series on History channel.

  • Tennessee  mama

    The Hatfield Clan - Hatfield McCoy Feud project on Geni

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My geat grandparents, Capt.Wm.Anderson (devil anse and Levicy) Hatfield. Elizabeth (Betty) Hatfield Caldwell is their 7th child.

My grandmother Mary Jane Hatfield, Simpkins, Hensley, Howes, far left -6th child of Capt.Wm.Anderson (devil anse) Hatfield. Nancy Belle Hatfield, Vance, Mullens on far right. Wm.Anderson (devil anse) and Levicy Hatfield seated. 3 of their sons standing center.

Hatfield and McCoy feud-- Hatfield family-left to right- "Devil Anse" Hatfield, Willis Hatfield (son), Louvisa (wife), John Reed Caldwell (son in law), Elizabeth Hatfield Caldwell (daughter), Joseph D. Hatfield (son) and in the front are the Caldwell's children Osa Caldwell Browning and Joe Caldwell.

Union veteran Asa-Harmon-McCoy, brother to Randolph, killed by Southern home guard in 1865. Devil Anse Hatfield and friends were credited with the murder.

William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield was the patriarch of the Hatfield clan during the infamous Hatfield–McCoy feud which has since formed a part of American folklore. Devil Anse himself survived the feud, and agreed to end the feud in 1891.

Valentine Hatfield - Isabelle & Valentine Hatfield, brother to "Devil Anse" Hatfield.

Undated file photo of William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield, the patriarch of the Hatfield clan. The family was part of the most infamous feud in American folklore, a long-running battle with the McCoys.

Hatfield cemetery, as in Hatfield & McCoys. This is in my hometown in WV.

"Devil Anse" Hatfield funeral. L-R: Thelma Latelle LaFollett, Mrs. Elliott Hatfield, Nancy "Sis" HatfieldVance, Rose HatfieldBrowning, Mrs. Anderson Hatfield, Tennis Hatfield, Elliott Mitchel, Elizabeth HatfieldCaldwell, Jonse Hatfield, Smith Hatfield, Emma Smith, Elea Hatfield, C. A. Hatfield, "Cap" Hatfield, Bob Hatfield, Dr. Elliott Hatfield, Murel Hatfield Beres, Joe Wolfe, Ples Browning, Cook Boys

DEVIL ANSE HATFIELD""Devil Anse" of the famous Hatfield-McCoy Feud between the West Virginia and Kentucky families with a "close-up" detail on right. Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 24". Note the Tie with the Bib Overalls!

Floyd Hatfield, cousin of "Devil Anse," who was accused by Randolph McCoy of stealing a hog. Although a jury found in favor of Floyd Hatfield, his acquittal has been viewed by some as one of the precipitating factors of the Hatfield-McCoy Feud.