US Navy recruiting poster

WW2 US Navy recruiting poster


Navy Recruiting Poster

American WW2

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WAVES recruiting poster


From WWII, "Sailor beware! Loose talk can cost lives." 1942.

British WW2



WWI recruiting poster

I've always loved World War 2 propaganda posters, and this one is one of my favorites!

Such a simple design, but effective. I'm always impressed when I see U.S. WWII posters.

World War 2 Poster (American)

Vintage WWII Poster

fascinating WWII in colour... Floating mine.

This WWII poster for the Recruiting Publicity Bureau of the United States Army was illustrated by artist Bradshaw Crandell, c. 1943. "Are you a girl with star-spangled heart? Join the WAC now! Thousands of Army jobs need filling! Women's Army Corp. United States Army."

The United States Navy