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I would like to say bull$@&t to this because honestly I'm a 16 year old girl and I will use whatever shampoo is near me at the time but my 21 year old brother has to have specific shampoo with like carotene and all kinds of other stupid stuff in it so no it's not always like this!!! And let's be honest some guys in this generation take longer to get ready than girls do!

I understand this guy.....I want to do this every time I pass one of these messes. Makes me crazy.

  • Anna ♛

    am I the only one who noticed that in the third picture there's a mockingjay pin from THG by the 98 cent sign?

  • beany

    The longer you spend in the store, the more you spend. The more things you touch, the more things you buy. It's a mess on purpose, because it's a basic psychological trick to make you spend more. The employees are REQUIRED to keep those bins messy.

  • Nichole Abel

    I worked at Movie Gallery 10 years ago... My OCD made me organize the misc movie bins... Until the District Manager came in and informed me that they needed to be messy because people love feeling like they found a deal, or found the last copy of the movie.

  • Emily White

    Thank you dear young lad, you are a miracle worker!!!

  • Emily White

    No matter if your efforts are waisted or not

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Otters are just way to freaking adorable for their own good.

Down a Rabbit Trail: Interest-Led Learning with a Charlotte Mason Flair

This is the best gif i have ever seen guys check it out!!

Positivity Comic to All You Wonderful People Out There

Funny Birthday Ecard: Let's drink as much on your birthday as your dad did when he found out your mom was pregnant with you.

It's awful that I didn't notice Minaj was in the other picture until re-reading. She just fit in so well!

  • Zoe J

    So true

  • Nannette

    Hahah that's perfect

  • Abby Monson

    She actually comes from a poor background, though.

  • Rose Tyler

    At first, I didn't see her in the bottom picture because she fit in so well!

  • Miss Naki

    Dang.. I aint see her in the bottom picture at first till after reading the comments

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The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit

I sure hope he does