Love him in Footloose!!!

Hey Girl chrome extension. Turns every picture on a web page into a photo of Ryan Gossling! Ooooooooo I like that!

James Franco

pretty little liars..All their dreamy men!

Channing Tatum

josh duhamel! He is not just a hot guy! He is a very good actor! He can play the nice guy and the vilain even though he looks like this and that's admirable. when you are so good that you can make them love you and hate you.

Dave Franco.

Zac Efron...I've loved him ever since high school musical and I'm glad I haven't stopped...he's so hot & sexy way more gorgeous too! lol

;kj;lkj <3

Oh yes.

Captain America!

Channing Tatum

love country boys ;)

Oh Peeta :)

Zac Efron's brother. Let's just have a round of applause for the Efron parents.

Philip Phillips

well ill be damned.

Miles Teller & Zac Efron <3

Oh Channing Tatum...

yes come at me

Call me!