• lorepuckett

    Behavior Management for end of the Year: What the Teacher Wants!: The Ultimate Battle: Bieber vs. Skywalker

  • Melissa Lane

    What the Teacher Wants!: The Ultimate Battle: Bieber vs. Skywalker (classroom behavior idea)

  • Erica Nagy

    Cooperative learning at its best! What the Teacher Wants!: The Ultimate Battle: Bieber vs. Skywalker ~ A fun class management tool for the kids. The kids themselves which "team" they want to be on. The teams accumulate points for on task behavior that then earns a tally on the board. At the end of the day, whichever team has the most points gets to hear their 'anthem.' In this case an-age appropriate Bieber song or the Star Wars Theme song. The kids LOVE it :-D

  • Diana Kim Tabor

    What the Teacher Wants!: The Ultimate Battle: Bieber vs. Skywalker Classroom Management Idea!

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Special Delivery!: A mysterious package arrives to your classroom! It has holes poked in it and it has fragile and special delivery stickers and stamps all over it! Here's where you can teach predicting and inferring. Open the package to find a class pet (stuffed animal) and a letter explaining why we got this package and parent explanations. Turns into a take-home writing activity. SO COOL!

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Start ten frames at beginning of year. Add a sticker for each day you're in school.

During our morning meeting, we color code the message. Everyday we look for capital letters and color them green, punctuation is red, and sight words are in orange.