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Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else - Judy Garland. Lettering by Molly Jacques



Gas lighting and narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse. My husband tell me ALL THE TIME! No its not all in my head. It's all in your head bastard because your in denial most of the time!

Mumford and Sons Lyrics. Design by Zyanya Lorenzo

give me hope in the darkness that i will see the light - mumford & sons lyrics / print by zyanya lorenzo

Not #Lucifer related but I still found it oddly fitting... Pinned!

ain't it the truth: well I reckon I'd rather be damned than bored

Anais Nin    (Available for purchase - Etsy 20 x200)

I don't normally pin quotes, but I thought this described the life of faith well. “You live out the confusions until they become clear.” Timeless truths from Anaïs Nin, hand-lettered by artist Lisa Congdon

Relax.  Certainly this is a skill set to work on ..and release the pipeline to my financial wellbeing for redistribution and personal stuff

you'll find a way to get through this! im not sure what you forgot but i know it will be okay! take a deep breath and think slowly! and remember this is the same advice you'd give me!

I'm in love with this quote.  This is way true! luv this! please stop asking why im always dressed up... its a polite form of saying I respect myself and you enuf to look put together...   ITS OKAY to care about whether or not you look modest, clean, neat and well put together! be a lady! look nice, smell nice... be nice and u will FEEL NICE

be polite.Conversely being polite is a beautiful way of being well dressed.

Where did all the fun people go? Or interesting people, that can hold a conversation about anything that's some what interesting at least! Give me something to work with!

An Illustrated Guide To Our Maddening Relationship With Tech

I was just recently introduced to the work of Jean Jullien, a talented French artist working out of London. This series of illustrations focuses on people’s relationships with technology and…