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    • Elizabeth Goecke

      Eat healthy...curves are a good thing! Wear what fits and flatters..whatever your size. You are beautiful.

    • Carol Bray

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    • Gretchen Farmer

      Body Image. So true. I hate seeing beautiful girls who look healthy and fit think they are fat because they don't look twiggy. Naturally tiny, skinny women are very few and far between.Thin women are beautiful too, but embrace those hips and those boobs!

    • Elle Cramer

      A reminder of what is NOT beautiful and what really is. I never want to look like the girls on the top row. Let's be healthy and fit and a size whatever instead!

    • Bobbie Hendron

      FIRST OF ALL!!! I am NOT saying that thin isn't beautiful! Naturally thin and fit is gorgeous! However! The girls on the top have been shown to have serious eating disorders/drug problems/ plastic surgery addictions etc. I am simply stating that healthy curves are gorgeous and in MY opinion are more beautiful than disastrous disorders. So .... Everyone feel pretty now, 'Kay?

    • Katherine Guerrero

      Seriously? Why does one body type have to be considered better than others at all? How about they're all beautiful with their naturally occurring figures? People need to quit "body shaming" others to feel better about their bodies or type preferences. This stuff only perpetuates the problem. There's a difference between "I find curvaceous women beautiful" and "Skinny women look like boys, real men like curves." >> Totally! If looking like a teenage boy is in now....I'm screwed. Eat something'll feel better. The four on the bottom are ladies, the four on the top are um....I'll have to get back to you on that one.

    • Jennifer M

      So true. Classic beauty is always in style to me.

    • Karen Sauer

      Just a random thought..

    • Jennifer Hamlin

      Beauty that is truth!

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    Before you judge me...

    There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore and who always will.And in the end you learn who is fake, who is true and who would risk it all for you. ~ So true.

    So true Kelly Trisko ♥


    So true!


    Think twice before judging. Possibly one of the best pins on Pinterest.


    so true. #feelbeautiful




    Great quote!

    I love this.

    Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.