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  • Tammy Lombardo

    Somerset Island, Bermuda Look how clear the water is!!!

  • Kathryn Stachowicz

    Its been decided! We will be taking our belated honeymoon in Panama at on over water bungalow! I can't wait for March ;o)

  • Jacob Christian

    Well if you wanted to be close to the water, this would defiantly be the house for you😊 I know I'd like to live there😄

  • OmKara Ma

    Bermuda- on the bucket list!

  • Abbey Cook Graham

    9 Beaches Resort - Bermuda, where nick and I honeymooned

  • Ms.L

    We stopped in Bermuda on our honeymoon cruise - spectacular beaches but to stay in one of these would be heavenly

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Bermuda. Been to this exact site. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. I hope we can return there someday

The beaches of Bermuda. Tropical vacation. Tropical waters. Honeymoon destination. Dream vacation. Tropical island.

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"To gather the wave we must first let it wash upon the shore-- to then carry sand, as if it were sea, is to know that the wave dwells within all." Heather O'Hara ♥♥

I still have yet to go to a beach! My first time going I hope will be to somewhere like this! (: anyone want to take me? (;

recklessly lying on the beach, not hearing or thinking anything but the voice of birds and ocean...

Mark Twain once said, "You die and go to heaven, I'll stay here in Bermuda"