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After giving Amplify-ers an exclusive early doors showing at Amplify ‘11, Venessa Miemis’s Future Of Facebook project is now officially live. Launched on yesterday, this Open Foresight program sets out to explore the impact social networking technologies are having on our lives through a series of 6 videos. Watch the first video below and be sure to check out the Future Of Facebook site for loads more great info on this constantly evolving, crowdsourced project.

AllThingsDfrom AllThingsD

Facebook’s Future in Mobile Advertising: It’s All About Wi-Fi

Facebook future in mobile advertising is Wi-Fi. More Facebook articles at my Facebook blog #facebook

Why Do People Like Brands on Facebook?

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Facebook to Introduce New Open Graph Apps, Gestures Wednesday [REPORT]

Article: Facebook's New Open Graph Apps & Gestures

Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts

Facebook Information | What’s the Best Type of Post for Facebook?

Who Does B2B Marketing Better: Facebook or LinkedIn? #infographic

summarises the average users, and their demographics for various social networking sites including facebook and twitter


Facebook Privacy And User Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook user privacy habits - #Infographic #Facebook #socialmedia #privacy

This video explains how much social media has affected us. It is now the norm to visit sites daily and find out what they have to offer. I found it interesting in how it says the news finds us instead, which is true and a very good way in showing how easy it has become to receive information. The video states that social media is the next big thing after the industrial revolution. That really made me think what will come next.

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Infographic: Biggest Social Media Moments of 2012

A view of the big events that happened in social media in 2012. These events include: Facebook Timeline, SOPA, KONY and President Obama's re-election , they were just some of the big social media stories of 2012. See what else happened this year.

Google+: There's more to explore. Becomes even more personalised for it's users with the interface design changes. Group video chats and personalizing the navigation ribbon could increase more users on Google+ and a decrease on Facebook.

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What Should You Know About Facebook's IPO? #infographic

What Are 20 Reasons To Switch To Google+ / Google Plus? #infographic

How Does Your Facebook Profile Photo Compare? #infographic #data

How To Use Contra-Competitive Timing For More ReTweets, Likes, Comments and Clicks #infographic

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