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    Allons-y. Allons-y! I should say allons-y more often! Come along, Rose Tyler, allons-y!

    The Day of the Doctor

    Doctor Who

    The fury of the Time Lord

    Oh Doctor


    everybody lives!

    doctor who

    :) Doctor Who


    Ten. He's like Bacon... agreed.

    Totally was aliens.

    LOL get it?!

    The 1 adventure

    You know you're a Doctor Who fan when...

    Doctor Who

    I really do like 11, and I'm going to miss Amy and Rory but I miss Rose & 10 the most... They had such good chemistry together and always made me smile. :)

    Doctor Who

    #ten #rose tyler #david tennant

    Doctor Who - 10th Doctor ;)

    So very distracting.