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cassielcraven: Look at this little baby sloth. It’s smiling. It’s like… it’s wishing me to have a great Wednesday. I think I’m going to do it… for FLUFFY little baby sloth. Listen to this baby sloth everyone and have a happy Wednesday!

Sloth With A Plush Toy Sloths may be lazy in life, but not in love.

On this Island, Deer Act Like Dogs

A selection of amazingly cute pictures of sloths. Includes baby sloths, sloths with teddy bears and mommy and baby sloths togetherGet ready for cuteness!

Baby sloth in a nursery of Costa Rica by Marieseyes

had the opportunity to visit a sloth nursery in Costa Rica. The people there cured the lost or the ill sloths found outside and save them from death. Great place and very cute animals!

Cautious Sloths

Sloths are very cautious…

Funny pictures about Sloths In a Box. Oh, and cool pics about Sloths In a Box. Also, Sloths In a Box photos.