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    • julia

      Funny lizard men hairstyle picture - - #Funny, #Hairstyle, #Lizard, #Men, #Picture visit, for more funny images

    • Elisa Rodriguez

      Haircut I just had to pin this only because I admire the true Art in the cut lol it must be a hair dresser thing OMGSH

    • Max Hayward

      Lizard Hair Style - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funny

    • Grace Hill

      Funny lizard men hairstyle picture - - #Funny, #Hairstyle, #Lizard, #Men, #Picture please visit, for more pictures of Funny lizard men hairstyle picture

    • Gordon Harris

      Hairstyle: iguana hair, lizard hair; I wonder how long it took to get THIS haircut done!

    • Pieter Clark

      Craziest Haircuts Ever | Funny Buburuza Hair cuts I want or want to see on my fiends!

    • Lucy Filipac

      Lizard mohawk Stan Winston School of Character Arts COOL STUFF

    • Dewi Rahmawati

      No, this is not about this weird hair style that this man choose. It's about the inspiring lizard story that I just read. Here we go: once upon a time there's a man in Japan who was renovated his house. When he tearing down the wooden walls, he found out there's a lizard nailed to the wooden wall and still alive. He got curious about how long the lizard has been nailed to the wall and get shocked when he realized (base on the nail he checked), the lizard had been nailed there for 10 years! He wondered how this lizard has survived for 10 years without moving. So he just stood there to observed the lizard, what its has been eating. Later, not knowing from where, there's another lizard came... With something caught in its mouth and this another lizard gave the thing in its mouth to the nailed lizard. The man was stunned since this another lizard was feeding the nailed lizard for 10 years.. So why am I telling you the story? Even to the tiny little creature a simple help can do miracle for 10 years, this tiny little creature has shown us (show me) the miracle of compassion even when people say it's impossible.. The story has inspired me so I hope it will inspire other who read it too.. *hopefully

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