humor old age

I got this on a greeting card for my mom - we were in hysterics.

omg, i cant stop laughing...seriously//Do NOT watch this if other people in your house are sleeping.

Omg this is hilarious

This is hysterical

married Barbie - HYSTERICAL!

Makes me giggle!

Wrong and funny on so many levels.

Cat in the Hat Aging Humor Funny Sign in Gold - happy birthday to me

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Lost Puppy :(

It made me chuckle, then I kept looking at it. Now my stomach hurts from laughing.

i need this!!! lol

I can't stop laughing !

funny old people


selling the last snow shovel at home depot no she is not an exotic dancer hehe so funny the story that goes with it

. . .and here is a penny for luck, hope you don't need it!

This is so cute and funny!