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Can I overwinter my plant? -- guide & how-tos

A Guide to Bringing Outdoor Plants Inside. Guide to overwintering plants (as well as a list of which plants to toss).

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Overwintered Plants: What To Do Now

"Beginner’s Guide to Overwintering: Smart techniques for keeping garden plants alive through the winter."

This article goes over techniques for overwintering plants that must remain green and growing through the winter.

Excellent guide to landscaping with native drought tolerant plants.

How to Overwinter Potted Rose Plants

When to prune everything....a good guide to keep handy.

How to overwinter Tropicals? See gardening tips on overwintering tender and tropical plants from the Almanac garden blogger.

A guide to hardy plants for multiple zones with tips and ideas for a successful perennial garden.

When To Plant Vegetables ! Free Printable Guide ! An Amazing Resource !

grow lights setup for indoor plants or overwintering plants

love this plant


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Overwintering specialty plants, like bananas, means big savings for your wallet and big displays for your garden.

pretty container

Lovely burst of color!

22 Insanely Cool Conversation-Piece Plants For Your Garden You, too, can harness a bit of nature’s weirdness.

I'd love to have a plant that will keep growing, and not flowers that will die after a few days.