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Quote Of The Day: February 9, 2015

Quote Of The Day February 9, 2015 - Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. — Admiral Arleigh Burke, as quoted in Naval Leadership: Voices of Experience (1998) by Karel Montor, p. 18 - #quote #quoteoftheday #quotes #qotd #leadership #life #business #military #people #communication

CHESTY PULLER USMC I met Chesty Puller in 1962 in the Commissary at the Yorktown, VA Naval Weapons Station

16 Manly Last Words

During the War of 1812, Lawrence's ship, the USS Chesapeake engaged in battle with the Royal Navy's HMS Shannon. The captain was mortally wounded with small arms fire, but encouraged his men to keep up the fight. His orders became a popular Naval battle cry. - The Art of Manliness

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