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My name's Elly.I'm not half bad at fixin' things.But it's prolly better for you,that we're not friends. [[Multi-fandom OC]] [[Multi-ship, Multi-verse]] [[Tracking : justalittlelessnormal]] [[NSFW will be tagged: {Dirty Mind}]] [[Friendly to...

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Dye Your Embroidery Thread! Bling Pumpkin! Quilted Autumn Placemats! Cigar Box Embroidery! Autumn Russian Cocktail Recipe! DIY Birch Shadow Box! A Frugal Table Runner! PLUS. . . Recipes, Jokes, Art, Design & Memories!

DON’T MISS A THING, MISS THANG! YOKE DU YOUR Did you know Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz could have gone back home because she did have a debit card with her? But there were no banks in Oz. That&#8…

Nope I am me, love all of me or watch me walk away. I am the best you have ever had and you are gonna lose it