Spray paint through lace on bulbs.

Spray paint through lace onto clear ornament. LOVE.

spray paint coffee beans and use them as vase filler

doily wrapped around a balloon, glued and balloon popped.

Transform furniture with lace and spray paint. LOVE this idea!! Who needs to buy stencils?? :)

quote/song lyrics pillow

How to empty out and clean a light bulb! To fill with other wonderful things....I've always wondered.

Amazing idea!!!! Take a canvas, and cover it with stickers/decals (or cut your own) and spray paint the canvas. Remove all the stickers, and hang lights behind it for super cool decoration.

#diy Recycled light bulbs - hot air balloons

Use dollar store glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint to make a beautiful candle holder. Perfect for tables

Light Bulb Lanterns

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For old burned out light bulbs make them into a Christmas ornament.

frost-sprayed glass jars

Decorative treatment for glass windows~ Made simply by using any paint stencil and spray-on window snow! Very pretty & it still allows light to shine through!

light bulb vases...or paint them?

Styrofoam balls, thumbtacks, and spray paint

Buy alphabet magnets and spray paint them