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    • Jason Avant

      3D tattoo. I must say, its not quite my style, but if I saw this person I would definately have to touch their arm, the artist did an amazing job making it look 3D.

    • Teisha R

      Amazing tattoo ----- wowoowowowowow! i've never ever seen a tattoo so fantastically done!

    • Lucynda Ackley

      3D Mayan tattoo, stone, symbols, 3D tattoo, Mayan tattoo, body art, Stone like tattoo, intricate tattoo,carved, historical tattoo, historic tattoo, shoulder tattoo,3D tattoo of ancient symbols

    • Taylor Gerard

      3D Mayan Arm Tattoo by a Russian Tattoo Artist Pavel Angel......that is amazing work....i would travel to russia to have a tattoo by him

    • Shae Rosecrans

      THAT is attention to detail done right. #3DTattoos

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    So many awesome elements all incorporated into one piece… usually I would hate a tattoo that runs straight down the back and doesn’t make use of the space on either side of the spine, but in this case, the negative space serves a design function, as the "corset" element. Clever design and beautiful execution.

    Want this over my heart. Lindsey Herring will u have the key? ❤️

    Elaborate #Tattoo of Lord #Ganesha, the God with Elephant Head (Son of Shiva & Parvati and Lord of auspicious beginnings, remover of obstacles)

    jaw dropping. fucking amazing tattoo by this guy: www.tattooartproj...

    ...omg I love this. My grandma used to draw this lady all the time for me when I was little!♥

    when you think of how this must have been done it's amazing. Absolutely beautiful.

    Like the concept.. Wouldn't do Marilyn

    I was actually thinking about getting a tattoo kind of like this...but just have it say BEAUTIFUL. Love this! Love who u are ladies -ARG

    Well...I wasn't going to do BOTH arms....but since the left shoulder is planned.......LOVE....