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light painting

Christopher Jobson says, "I’m really enjoying the whimsical nature of these light paintings by Helsinki-based photographer Janne Parviainen who has been drawing skeletons and other kinds of light figures in camera for over four years.


3D Paintings by Stefan Da Costa Gomez

"Classic is a project of the artist Phyntasize, aka Stefan Da Costa Gomez, who creates with acrylic paintings about cult scenes from classic

Janne Parviainen

Helsinki-based photographer Janne Parviainen seems to be on some beautiful tip with these light skeletons and light figures she creates both in post-production

Top 12 des peintures faites avec les doigts de Judith Braun

Top 12 des peintures faites avec les doigts de Judith Braun

A Finger-painted Mural Made with Charcoal Dust Artist: Judith Braun

Photographer Uses LED Lights To Capture The Motions Of Musicians..Orlando uses LED lights and long exposures to record a musician’s movement. He attached the lights to special bows and then asked violinists and cellists to play, turning their actions into waves of brilliant light.

Photographer Uses LED Lights To Capture The Motions Of Musicians

Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude Photographer Stephen Orlando Captures the Movement of Musicians Through Light Painting

Snow ghosts PHOTOGRAPHER: © Scott Spiker


First ever 360-degree time-lapse bends space and mind. Just so beautiful and amazing!

First ever 360-degree time-lapse bends space and mind

Michigan photographer Vincent Brady offers a stirring time-lapse tribute to the unpolluted night sky — all 360 degrees of it.

Over the past two months NASA has been releasing a number of wonderful long exposure photographs taken by astronaut Don Pettit aboard the International Space Station. While there are many photos like these taken from the perspective of the Earth’s surface, Pettit’s images are unique in that they incorporate the passing blur of entire illuminated cities, aurora, and the sporadic flashes of lightening from thunderstorms.

Star Trails: Incredible Long Exposure Photographs Shot from Space

NASA astronaut Don Pettit shot this beautiful long exposure photograph showing star trails and city trails from the International Space Station. The image was created by combining 18 separate long-exposure photographs. Pettit says,

Alice's Adventure's Underground | Productions | Alice's Adventures Underground

In the Vaults deep underneath Waterloo Station discover Wonderland in all its nonsensical glory.

kinetic art air installation - Google Search

Designspiration — Super Soaker Surplus at the Hong Kong Art Fair -

Alessandro Pautasso

If you could shoot bursts of controlled confetti and make it look like the Hollywood stars of old, you’d have portraits a lot like those of graphic designer and illustrator Alessandro Pautasso.