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  • oh pish

    glowing jellyfish in Toyama, Japan; the blue lights on the sea coast are glowing firefly squid

  • Limberlost Land

    DID IT! (not in Japan, though, but at a local beach during a rare red tide...) totally worth it to go see this incredible sight even if it's a couple hours away. It is like the Aurora Borealis for water! This photo ogre Japan, Toyama, the blue lights on the sea coast are the glowing firefly squid.

  • Tricia Hoffman

    The glowing firefly squid are pushed to the shore's edge by the current while spawning in the bay of Toyama, Japan... Everyone who really knows me also knows how I feel about jellyfish! Ah

  • Stephany Robinson

    Jelly fish. An amazing view in Japan. Surf washed up on shore thousands of glowing jellyfish that normally live at great depths, and only during the breeding are lifted to the surface.

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