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  • Thomas Schell

    The Loneliest Whale in the World. In, The New York Times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world. Scientists have been tracking her since 1992 and they discovered the problem: She isn’t like any other baleen whale. Unlike all other whales, she doesn’t have friends. She doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang. She doesn’t have a lover. She never had one. Her songs come in groups of two to six calls, lasting for five to six seconds each. But her voice is unlike any other baleen whale. It is unique—while the rest of her kind communicate between 12 and 25hz, she sings at 52hz. You see, that’s precisely the problem. No other whales can hear her. Every one of her desperate calls to communicate remains unanswered. Each cry ignored. And, with every lonely song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by. Just imagine that massive mammal, floating alone and singing—too big to connect with any of the beings it passes, feeling paradoxically small in the vast stretches of empty, open ocean. This is so sad!! #Whale

  • Jo Smart

    ESA's GOCE mission has delivered the most accurate model of the 'geoid' ever produced. Red corresponds to points with higher gravity, and blue to points with lower gravity. CREDIT: ESA

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planet earth as a geoid

The European Space Agency (Esa) is preparing for the fiery fall to Earth of its Goce gravity-mapping satellite.

"The Real Earth" -- Image from Space With Gravity Field in Effect The "Potsdam Gravity potato", as this image of terrestrial gravity has become known, can for the first time display gravity variations that change with time.

The goal of the Visible Paleo-Earth (VPE) project was to visualize the evolution of Earth surface from paleo-climates to today. Check out the earth from 750M years ago to the present.

You don't need a Government to be Free... Humans were created Free from the very Beginning.

This is Earth. Everyone has the right to enjoy the beauty of Earth; everyone has the responsibility to protect Earth. Regardless of race, sex, age, country of origin, we are a family. So unite, stay against terrorism, pollution and killing; pray for peace, love and virtue. We only live once, that's on Earth. Happy Earth Day! #earth #day #beautiful

This diagram can be used for the visual learners while teaching the layers of the earth.

The Earth at Night - Nothing demonstrates population and wealth like the warm glow of cheap electricity from space. Also, check out the Russian equivalent of manifest destiny...not quite as comprehensive as the American version, but then California is a lot nicer than Siberia.

A visualization of Earth's South Pole and Antartica from NASA. Posted by Stuart Rankin.

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