Florida Memory - Daniel Campbell, Walton County. c. 18-- Daniel Campbell was the youngest son of Angus Campbell and Catherine Morrison in Knox Hill, Florida. Civil war veteran, lawyer, and judge; member of the Florida Constitutional Convention.

- View of wetlands - Walton County, Florida 1956

Florida Memory - Landing at Freeport on Fourmile Creek - Walton County, Florida

Florida Memory - Smallpox patient in Walton County, Florida. Jan. 9, 1904. Photo by Dr. Hiram Byrd, Lewis' Camp, Walton County

Florida Memory - Dairy herd grazing in a pasture - Walton County, Florida c. 1929

Tractor tilling field of australian peas - Walton County, Florida. 1929

Florida Memory - Main Street - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Florida Memory - Main Street shops - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Florida Memory - A Bay County home - Valparaiso, Florida

The Blackwater River in Okaloosa County. | Florida Memory

Florida Memory - Women on footbridge - Bay County, Florida

Florida Memory - People down at the docks - Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Florida Memory - Sarah "Aunt Frances" Brooks Pryor Biography Note "Born in an Okaloosa County log cabin,she rowed a boat to school. Operator of an historic hotel, founded the Woman's Club of Fort Walton Beach and worked for mosquito and garbage control. She preserved local Indian mounds and beautified roadways; postmaster of Fort Walton Beach 1917-1943

Florida Memory - Lumber mill with monorail - Bay County, Florida

Florida Memory - Mandie Brown standing next to the first bus in Walton County. 192-

Florida Memory - Oil rig of Baker Drilling Company - at Rathead, Walton County. 1920

- Paddle steamer "City of Jacksonville" sailing on the Indian River - Walton County, Florida. 191-

View of the entrance to Gulfarium - Fort Walton Beach, Florida 1957

Florida Memory - Golfers at the Chicago County Club - Valparaiso, Florida 192-