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    DIY Key Chain

    • Rachel Musgrove

      Fabric KeyChains - The Idea Room. They would also be great gift ideas for your friends for Christmas.

    • Chrisman Schweisgut

      Fabric KeyChains - The Idea Room..Tine...please I HAVE to have one of these. Can you make one for me? I will pay for the supplies. I dont have a sewing machine. They would also be great gift ideas for your friends for x-mas:)" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

    • Leslie Hassmann

      Fabric KeyChains - The Idea room A differerent way to make a key fob. Like the choice of hardware.

    • Ida Ward

      Fabric KeyChains - The Idea Room. Instructions for sewing a key chain that will fit on your wrist

    • Amy Lou

      Ucreate: Fabric Keychain Tutorial by The Idea Room

    • Dana Nelson

      Fabric Keychains - The Idea Room Great gift idea!

    • Sue Millard

      Mail & Key Holders : DIY Fabric Key Chains

    • Melissa Ike

      Wristfob Fabric Keychains - The Idea Room

    • Sarah Need

      Handy item. Key chain sewing project.

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    Cute Key Rings

    dragonne porte clefs

    Fabric key ring. Could also make it with a name on it and put a clip instead of a keyring for a diaper bag name tag.

    I'm so excited to share this tutorial with you because for a couple of years now my friend Sarah and I have been making wrist strap keychains for our own use (they are so handy!), for friends, for teacher gifts, and even for craft fairs. I have gradually experimented with different sizes and techniques until I came up with this perfect (IMHO) design. Why is it perfect??? Well, it fits the 1" swivel clip exactly, you can sew it up in a snap without breaking any needles, it comes in two sizes (both made with exactly the same fabric pieces), and you get to mix and match your favorite prints! To make two wrist strap keychains using two coordinating fabrics, you'll need: * four 3.75" x 12" strips of fabric (two of each fabric) * two 2" x 3.75" strips of fabric (one of each fabric) * two .75" x 12" strips f heavyweight double-sided fusible interfacing (I use Peltex 72F) * two 1" swivel snap clips (available I have extras in my little Etsy shop if you need them) So after cutting, separate out one of each long strip print. Fold in half the long way and press. Then open and fold the edges toward the center and press. The edges should come about 1/8" from the center, but they don't have to touch it. Fold along the center crease and press again, like a fat piece of bias trim. Stack your strips with the piece of Peltex in the middle.  Take care that the center folds  of your strips are on opposite sides. Now you will carefully press your stack with a hot iron to fuse the layers. Press one side and then the other. Okay, I think you're ready to start sewing! Set your stitch length a bit longer than normal. I use a 4 here. You'll need a medium to heavy sharp needle here, about a 90/14. Topstitch 1/8" from both edges on the side that you want to be the outside of your keychain. Trim both end of your strap to cut off any threads or uneven fabric. Put the swivel snap clip on now. I know, you can't see it in the first picture, but it's pushed  over to one side. Set your stitch to the widest zig-zag you have. Form a circle with your strap by butting the ends right up against each other. Sew a zig-zag stitch right down the center. Backstitch to hold it together during the next few steps. Now grab one of your small (2" x 3.75") fabric strips. This is where you decide what sized hand the wrist strap will fit. Fold the long edges in toward the center and press. If you want a small/medium strap, stop now. If you want a larger sized strap, fold piece in half lengthwise and press again. Fold your strap in half with the zig-zaggy seam near the top. Wrap your small fabric piece around it, tucking the raw edges inside. If you are making a larger sized strap, keep your seam and little piece as close to the top as you can comfortably get it. Topstitch a square (small/medium size) or rectangle (larger size) over your little piece. I like to use the topstitching lines on the strap as guides for the sides of my square or rectangle. Be sure to neatly backstitch so this part holds. And here is what the two different sizes look like. The small/medium size has about a 8" diameter opening and the larger one has about a 10" diameter opening (both depending on where you sew your little strip). Done, yay! Happy Sewing!

    Tutorial for yo-yo keychains./Meli


    Image of bohemian dream catcher key chain by SoulMakes

    Your keys shouldn't take up much room in your purse! With the Key Smart, they wont! This key organizer will fit up to 100 keys, and it easily fits into pouches within your purse making it super convenient to find! Use their August discount code FALL15 by November 30, 2015 for 15% off everything.

    How to Make Key chains in 12 Steps

    Owl key chain

    I thought the hardware was more difficult and expensive, or I'd have made one of these before. Free tutorial

    Fabric key fob tutorial

    key chain wristlet

    "Oh my word!! This site is amazing! Everything you need to know about making bags, totes, purses and organizers "

    Little oven mit tutorial. Bridal shower and christmas gift idea. :)