This is so creative! Probably wouldn't do it, but it's sooo cool! This is so fantastic Lee Lee Lee Hathcock Will you guys shoot my engagement shots and can we do this? Even if it's 37 years from now?

Foto de noivado Pinterest 03

10 ideias de fotos de noivado ou pré-wedding

Love this couple's engagement photos! So cute! I'm too clumsy for this, but it's be a fun picture to try

Our hands in the sand photo

Our hands in the sand photo - next time we go to the beach, we gotta do this!

Comparte tu sonrisa con quien la merezca,  tu amor con quien lo valore, tus lágrimas con quien te acompañe y tu vida con quien te ame.

Natural Light On Location Southern Minnesota Portrait Photography by Kyleen Olson - I like the angle of this ring shot.