Cold Air Return Vent

Use doormats and spray paint to make a decorative vent or electrical box cover.

What a great idea.. small frame to make these unsightly things look quaint!

Air return and vent covers...because every house will need vents but there is no need for them to be an eyesore.

Dishwasher covered in ceiling tiles. What a great idea!

The Friendly Home: Using an Old Shutter as an Air Vent - interesting....

Upcycle a cheap door mirror into a pretty wall mirror (tutorial)

The devil is in the details. Great touch. Before and After Vintage Style Air Vent Cover

So much better than the lazy susan

DIY Sliding Door... cost effective solution and looks super sleak. Good overview on blog...

a closet door made to look like an armoir.... brilliant

Easy wainscotting idea: buy frames from Michael's, glue to wall and paint over entire lower half. More examples of beadboard and wainscoting...

frame idea for a small wall

Table over the toilet...why didn't I think of this? Looks so much better then those ugly looking 'space saver' things that go over the toilet. Much rather have this!

Black picture frames

Makes so much more sense,and looks infinitely better than those ugly plastic things.

A better looking return air grille

Doorknobs to hold curtains back. Good idea!

TONS of ideas for each room in your house. WARNING: If you thought Pinterest was the most addicting site, think again.

HOW TO: Hang a headboard on the wall

This site has 41 smart/funny home ideas - but I really like this one. You could use different shaped baskets or put other decorative items in them