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Bridesmaids - so in love with this movie. One of my favorite scenes from that movie!

Bridesmaids is an awesome movie and this is my favorite quote :)

Bridesmaids will probably never NOT be my favorite movie. of my favorite movies! So funny!

Haha!! Favorite quote from bridesmaids!

how i feel being a college student...

From Bridesmaids. Such a funny movie!

Bridesmaids is the funniest movie!

Greatest movie ever


story of my life! Hands down Bridesmaids has to got to be the funniest movie ever.

Favorite movie of all TIME! I love her! HAHA

i love her facial expression lolololol

Love her and love this movie!! lol

Most favorite movie quote ever

College student problems

Bridesmaids-funny stuff

my favorite part

Funny movie!!

MTV Newsfrom MTV News

From Karaoke Politics To Anti-Homewrecking Sentiment, Here Are Tonight's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes!

Hahaha so true

Guy Code MTV Quotes | ... , girlcode, cirl code, girl code quotes, girl code quotes about guys

Story of my life....the constant battle

My life #thestruggleisreal. Pizza

My life #thestruggle so true

Pizza wins. Every. Time.

So true! #girlcode

my life #girlcode

Haha, true story

Funny pictures about How Can You Diet When This Happens?. Oh, and cool pics about How Can You Diet When This Happens?. Also, How Can You Diet When This Happens? photos.

It's not even funny how true this is.

HAHAHAHAHA this is so true, Yeah! Back In The Truffle Shuffle Days, The Boys Thought Mullets Or A Bowl Cut Look Was Totally COOL!!!

True story from high school back in the day...hence why the hubby and I didn't go to the same school.

o my gosh this is SO TRUE!!! story of my freakin life....

Bahahaha! This was so true in high school!

HAHA SOOOO True!!! Truffle shuffle!

so true about my high school.

SO TRUE..story of my life lol


So true in Highschool

Happens all the time

Story of my life....Promising myself a productive day - after Pinterest.

Productive day... #Pinterest #pin #humor #quotes #lol

Hahahahaha yes! Pinterest- Addicts Anonymous

Happens all the time - Like now for instance

Happens all the time... story of my life

story of my life right here!!! haha

Pinterest pinterest pinterest

Soooo true! haha totally Me!

Pinterest humor Amazing #movie #quotes

"You should keep this open. It's civil rights. It's the 90s." . . . "Stove? What kinda name is Stove? . . . Are you a kitchen appliance?"

"Help me I'm poor" Luv this woman! Bridesmaids - Kristen Wiig hilarious airplane scene! OFFICIAL HD VIDEO

"you should keep this open. it's civil rights. it's the 90s." "you're a decade off." Kristen Wiig is my hero.

"you should keep this open. it's civil rights. this is the 90s." Probably one of my favorite movies.

"This should be open. It's civil rights. This is the 90s." Kristen wiig can I just be friends with you please

"You should keep this open. It's Civil Rights. It's the 90s." Bridesmaids.Funny stuff...

"You should keep this open. It's civil rights. This is the 90s." such a funny movie.

Catch ya on the flip side motha f'ers..Kristen Wiig | Bridesmaids

Why is it such a Big Hairy Deal that Bridesmaids was hilarious? In the reviews this week, I have read nothing but comments saying that this movie proved women can be raunchy, silly, funny, and ridiculous and pull it off. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but haven't women always been funny? Do I need to cite evidence? First of all, Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig have been funny for a longgg time. But let's also consider: Debra Messing, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, (both writers of things funny and probably the only good writers save Seth Meyers that SNL has seen in awhile), Ana Geyster, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, Gilda Radner, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres, Margaret Cho, Whitney Cummings, Janeane Garofalo, Lisa Kudrow, Natasha Leggero, Mindy Kaling, Amy Sedaris... and the list goes on. See also: countless women I know in real life who crack me up on a daily basis. But no, you know what? You're right. Women aren't funny. So thank God for this movie. Sarcasm aside, I loved it. The movie had some very real moments, in addition to being laugh out loud funny. Wiig was brilliant - especially in the scene on the plane with her Ethel Merman voice and prescription drug fueled crazy rant "It's called civil rights, this is the 90s!" - and in the sequence of silly things she does to try and get the hot Irish cop's attention "Hey who's driving that car?!" So if this movie serves as a notice to the people who have been living under a rock that women are indeed funny... then well, that's fantastic.

Damn you, you gave him all the easy ones!

"Hip? Hip Hop? Hip Hop Anonymous? DAMN YOU! You give him the easy ones!" #bigdaddy

LoL, hip hop anonymous, pink hippo, wall decor, graphic print, gray and pink

"Hip? Hip Hop? Hip Hop Anonymous? For Leah's love of hippos

hip? hip hop? hip hop anonymous? omg yesss

Hip Hip Hop Hip Hop Anonymous #bigdaddy

Hip.. Hiphop... hiphopanonymous

Hip.. Hip Hop Big Daddy

Hip hop anonymous.


Hahaha Baby Mama is probably my favorite movie ever, not gonna lie!

Usually how I feel about eating healthy...Baby mama... Hahaha...

LOVE Baby Mama. One of my favorite movies haha

baby mama. this is me with healthy food...

Baby Mama, my favorite movie! So funny

Baby Mama - awesomely funny movie!

Baby Mama- Nooooo To Health food

Baby Mama, funny stuff!

Baby Mama!! So funny!

Studying for finals. Ha! | Things for Geeks

my college life: studying for (anatomy and physiology) finals : mhm, oh, yeah yeah yeah... I know some of these words! Good Burger 90's Nickelodeon TV show Kel Mitchell as Ed #collegelife #collegelyfe

I'm so glad my schools and college days are behind me. This was my life finals week!!

How I feel during finals week. This made me laugh

COLLEGE LIFE: How I feel during finals week.

my life... and this made me laugh so hard!

I'm sorry but this made me giggle

Some funny stuff right here.

My life is nursing school

Law School

Magic Mike

May I say this is a dream for A LOT of women out there.... Hihihihihi!!!

Sorry but there is just to much truth to this not to pin : )

Lol can't wait to watch the movie with my girls :)

A girl can dream can't she?!

Amen. #magicmike #cantwait

This made me laugh

For reals!



How I feel about 90% of the time.

My favorite movie!! My most quoted scene haha! Got to hang out on that airplane today in Pacoima. So awesome

man this is one of the few movie quotes I actually use...Love this.

One of my favorite scenes! I laugh every time!

My favorite movie!! My most quoted scene haha!

goes with being a college student, right?

Funny movie! And yep....i'm poor.

love this movie. Bridesmaids

My favorite movie!!

Bridesmaids! Quote

My girl, Wiig.

One of the funniest movies ever. And this is DEFINITELY my favorite scene from the movie. Bridesmaids. Hiliarious. Movie Quotes.

"Help Me I'm Poor!" Haha :) If you are getting married or are going to be in a wedding-see this movie! #bridesmaids #funny #movie

Bridesmaids is one of my favorite movies of all time. Top 3 easy. Kristen Wiig is my hero :)

Bridesmaids - Kristen Wiig. my favorite part! haha.. help me im poor!

Love Kristen Wiig, she is hilarious in this movie!# Bridesmaids

Favorite #Movie. #Bridesmaids <3 "Help me I'm poor."

One of my favorite movies! Love Kristen Wiig!

Help Me, I'm poor!.. Kristen Wig is so funny!

Bridesmaids.: Bridesmaids, Favorite Scene, Giggle, Funny Movie, Quote, Movies, Funnies, Favorite Movie

Bridesmaids :)

Bridesmaids - You look ugly, that makes me kinda happy

Bridesmaids Quotes, Favorite Movie Ever!

Art Bridesmaids Quotes funny-stuff

Bridesmaids Quotes! So funny

Makes me feel kinda happy

Haha, Great movie quote

Hahahahaha funny movie

Hahah, ugly crier

giggle giggle

@Jessica Wade

At first, I did not know it was your diary. I thought if was a very sad, handwritten book.- Bridesmaids- Such a funny movie!

At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book. "LIKE" our page Funny Movie Lines on Facebook by clicking on the picture! #Bridesmaids #funny story|

At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book. "LIKE" our page Funny Movie Lines on Facebook by clicking on the picture! #Bridesmaids #FunnyMovieLines

"At first, I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book."

a very sad, handwritten book-- i know its not fat amy but its still Rebel Wilson!!

One of my favorite movie quotes ever. So glad I can pin it!!!

Bridesmaids quote (much funnier with a british accent)

One of my all-time favorite movie quotes!

Bridesmaids------Favorite movie ever!!


The best part of this scene is that Air Marshall John is her real life husband. How did he not burst out laughing?

Apparently Not Air Marshall John is actually Melissa McCarthy's husband...?!

Hey not air marshall John, wanna go back in that restroom and not rest?

Not air marshall John ... Makes me laugh every time :) @Tammy Sugiyama

Not air marshall John. Funniest movie ever.

Haha, makes me giggle every time!

Funniest movie quote

Funny movie hahaha

Favorite movie;


Bridesmaids (2011) - Movie Quotes #bridesmaidsmovie #moviequotes

bridesmaids is my favorite movie of all time, nbd.

Bridesmaids. Melissa McCarthy is a comedy goddess

Melissa McCarthy: #1 reason to love Bridesmaids

melissa mccarthy in bridesmaids! hilarious!

Bridesmaids - funniest movie in a long time

Bridesmaids...Melissa Macarthy is so funny

Bridesmaids is so funny! @Kailey Murphy

Funny stuff


Zach Galifianakis and his babywearing in The Hangover (pictured here with baby Carlos) has partly influenced a new gene...

Hey i just met you, and this is crazy, funny pictures. love the hangover

Haha baby Carlos! Loved 'The Hangover'!

This makes me laugh!! Baby Carlos!

Maybe? This made me giggle

HaHaHa! #thehangover

Funny, funny movie!

funny stuff



21 jump street...Channing Tatum. He's so much better looking here, than Magic Mike to me.

21 Jump Street ♥ This is my absolute favorite scene in this movie! hahahahahaha

21 jump street...Channing Tatum#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

21 jump street & Channing Tatum. Funniest movie ever!

21 jump street...Channing Tatum. my favorite movie

21 jump street...Channing Tatum...funny movie =)

#21JumpStreet, haha. One of my favorite movies.

21 Jumpstreet = Funniest movie.

Funny stuff

love this movie.

Hands down, no questions asked... if I could meet one celebrity in this world. Jim Carrey. My idol!

Alllllllrighty Then.!!! Ace Ventura - Pet Detective

Gotta love Jim Carrey! Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Haha Jim carrey is the best ! Makes me laugh!

Jim Carrey! Ace Ventura! Pet Detective!

Aww I miss my hubby's Jim Carey quotes

Lol!!! Love me some Jim Carrey!!! :D

Favorite movie!

Ace Ventura Quotes Alrighty Then Images & Pictures

fav quote from movie by far

She gave us Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect, who quickly became everyone's spirit animal. | 21 Reasons Rebel Wilson Is A Fantastic Role Model

famous movie quotes | Still One of My Favorite Movie Quotes Ever - Pitch Perfect

Funny line, funny movie. I always try and think like Fat Amy "mmmm better not"

famous movie quotes | Pitch Perfect. One of my Favorite Movies ever!

Still One of My Favorite Movie Quotes Ever - Fat Amy. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect--Bumper & Fat Amy! One of my favorite movies!

Rebel Wilson. Aka "Fat Amy" Love her in Pitch Perfect!

This was my favorite quote!!! Pitch perfect

Art Pitch Perfect! funny-stuff-p