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This blog is a great way to print out your own college planner / organizer for free! A great way to get organized for the school year. Free printables!

Back to School – Dorm Needs

Dorm Essentials Checklist -- Some of this is too much, hah.

Dorm Room Ideas

A bedside caddy is a perfect spot for the emergency candy stash for late nights.

Little Emergency Kit (great idea - not just for the car - but for college dorm room)

Shayla Price can show you how to get it. She's a first generation, college graduate who secured over $100,000 for her education. This author, law student, and civic-minded citizen shares her secrets of success...with scholarships that is. Need money for school? Tune in and get the scoop.

Green Grand Pitcher Water Filtration System

Typical for a college kid to mix there whites and colors....this is a super easy way to prevent that!

IKEA Dorm Checklist

Money-saving tips.

The ultimate dorm checklist #organize #college #dorm (It makes me a little sad that I'm pinning these for my kids and not me :S)

Dorm Room Essentials! - BedSide Table- This just clips right onto the side of your bed! I keep my alarm clock, tissues, and anything else I could need when I’m in bed! I spray painted it pink before I moved in to ensure that it matched with all the rest of my stuff! -

Dorm Storage, Dorm Room Storage Dorm Organization | PBteen Actually pretty useful little thing, not a bad idea for a gift or self.

So there’s this long list of things students aren’t allowed to have in their dorm rooms. Find out what you can't have and some alternatives to replace them!

50 things to do in college-very good list :) I'd take a couple off there maybe for myself tho :P

Dorm 101: Must-haves for Dorm Room Organization! Great tips!

Mombasa Bedding, Siam Canopy - Bed Canopies - Bed & Bath - Macy's

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