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Negative and Positive Ease. So what does this mean ... read on. Excellent explanations with pictures.

mini maxi...only click on the picture to link to the blog if you have lots of time :) sooooo many cute tutorials!

How to design a sweater from a picture.

DIY - how to make a knitting pattern using Excel

Altering Fair Isle Charts in Excel - Seriously Fab Geekness for Knitting!

Not so unsteady on his feet anymore, thanks to straws inserted in the icord legs. Excellent idea.

How To - Double Neckband. Excellent demonstration. This is a handy tutorial.

Blue Bunny hat

TechKnitting: Understanding ease - how much looser your clothes must fit than your skin does

...but we do it because we love you.

knitted lampshade

cute mouse

A knitted hem

Crochet Heart Brooch Playful Autumn Winter Jewelry by #smart phone #new phone #best phone| http://best-phone-toni.blogspot.com

pretty cool technique

little mice right out of Dickens!

The Italian Dish - I love the splash of colour on the inside and conservative colours on the outside.

wood & wool woman wear by wood & wool stool, via Flickr

crochet sweater

Knitted hamster (explored thank you!) by Dees!, via Flickr

Knit Red Mittens