A good tutorial for making your own wood signs.

I had NO idea this was possible! Easy way to transfer ink from paper onto wood for a homemade sign.

How to make new wood look like old barn board. I like this tutorial most out of all the ways I've seen pinned.

Wax paper transfer

Wood sign tutorial... you mean it was this easy????

tips for stenciling your own signs Use acrylic craft paints by Folk Art and cosmetic sponges as pouncers

How to paint words on wood, there is also a link to a DIY manger on her site...I have no idea how to add that to pinterest!

How to transfer letters from your printer to wood.

Best tutorial on how to make distressed wood signs. This woman sells her work.

Where You Invest Your Love Quote on Reclaimed Wood Pallet Sign – Handcrafted Rustic Wood Signs & Established Signs by Jetmak Studios

How to make an antique sign

Vintage Wooden Sign Instructions - very similar to how I make my signs

image transfer by printing on wax paper . brilliant!

How to print on wax paper for transfer to wood signs!

Transfer Pictures to Wood

Re-Upholstery 101, the BEST tutorial I have ever seen for re-covering a chair, with the most professional execution and finish out there!


Wall paper on wood panels then sand it

Really neat technique to transfer printed images to wood. This would be great to make some inexpensive Christmas gifts!

Dad, A sons first Hero, a daughters first love Sign, made of pine, hand painted and distressed to give the charm of an old sign. Sign

Scrap wood to wall art! Simple & sweet...this would be great to hang in the garden, on the fence, or by the patio