How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks. 12,225 miles. Click to see time-lapse drive across America in 5 minutes, hitting major landmarks.

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Some good stops for a cross-country road trip. Northern route - including Badlands National Park, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore and Glacier National Park

The National Park-to-Park Highway

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Great website for road trip packing and apps etc

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Road trip up the California coast.

Lake Michigan Circle Tour ( Great Info on this web site)

Investigating a tour of California with the whole family this time after my newest grandbaby is born.

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One Guy Figured Out How To Plan The Best Road Trip Ever: Staedter picked out the list of stops for the trip and Olson mapped out everything in just a few minutes with the algorithm he created. The criteria for the trip were simple: stop in all 48 states in the contiguous U.S.; only make stops at nationally-recognized sites; only drive to said landmarks.

The route for our epic road trip to Southern Utah. 5 National Parks, 7 State Parks, and so much more all in 9 days.

Sea to Sky Highway, Vancouver --> Time for a road trip in Canada!

Five things to help plan a drive across country. Good advice. Having done the trip in various vehicles at least six times this seems like common sense. But not so if you have never driven this far!