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    Take a cross country road trip - How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks. 12,225 miles. Click to see time-lapse drive across America in 5 minutes, hitting major landmarks

  • Errin Knox Nelson

    maybe one day i can drive cross country in the USA

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Africa tattoo

Africa Love

THE 15 MOST HIPSTER BARS IN CHICAGO. For when you wanna go where everybody knows... the names of bands nobody knows.

Since their debut, Nirvana, with Cobain as a songwriter, has sold over 25 million albums in the US, and over 75 million worldwide. Cobain was inducted - along with fellow Nirvana members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl - into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014, the first year in which they were eligible. #kurt_cobain_nirvana_rock_roll_hall_fame, #kurt_cobain

Original artwork of Plains Indian Warrior by Artist K. Anderson, original located at Hueys Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM 87501 #indian_art_plains_indian_warrior_art, k_anderson_art_whispering_spirit, #hueys_fine_art_santa_fe_NM,

One of the most influential films of the 1990's, Pulp Fiction is a delirious post-modern mix of neo-noir thrills, pitch-black humor, and pop-culture touchstones. #pulp_fiction, #movie_pulp_fiction, #john_travolta, #uma_thurman

Cash traditionally began his concerts with the phrase, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash," followed by his standard "Folsom Prison Blues." #johnny_cash, #folsom_prison_blues_johnny_cash

Michael J. Fox modifying social behavior toward society's view of disabled people, handicapped and those with mental illnesses. #Michael_J_Fox_aarp, #michael_j_fox_parkinsons_disease, #living_with_disability, #living_with_mental_illness

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. Always be yourself - unless you can be Iron Man, then, always be Iron Man. Loving the journey of Robert Downey, Jr. #Robert_downey, #iron_man, #robert_downey_iron_man, tough_journey_robert_downey_jr.

Stops on the trail. JFK chats with a group of miners during his travels on the 1960 campaign trail. (Hank Walker / Time & Life

MLK & Robert Kennedy were both killed for political reasons in the 1960s. DON'T FORGET JFK #landmarks_usa, #mlk_robert_kennedy

A Horse Of Remorse - on't be too quick to judge the statue that stands on the veranda of the Virginia Historical Society on the Boulevard. There is an explanation for its repentant stance.The remorseful appearance is intended.#horse_remorse, #civil_war_horse_statue, #equestrian_artist_Tessa_Pullan, #equine_statues

Stand behind the troops. I love this. God Bless the military men and women and their families! #unique_landmarks, #soldier_pride, #veterans

This is YOUR space program. You deserve to see this piece of history. Go to Endeavour Flyovers Draw Excited Fans. #endeavor_flyover, #endeavor_over_sacramento_Los_Angeles,

Margaret Bourke-White was an American photographer and war correspondent. Here she is working at the top the Chrysler Building in 1934. She's perched with her camera on a steel gargoyle from the 61st floor. *A fearless icon for this International Women's Day.*

Ever wonder about the best hikes, sites & activities in our National parks? These 84 million acres of iconic, treasured & sacred places of America’s over 400 National parks belong to you. This is your land. #unique_landmarks, #America_National_Parks, America_landmarks_parks

Rachel Maddow, one intelligent woman, encourages fact-checking her reporting. She notes that much media consists of think theirs is the voice of God. #rachel_maddow, #rachel_maddow_show, www.rachelmaddow....

How to drive across the USA hitting all the major landmarks. 12,225 miles. Click to see time-lapse drive across America in 5 minutes, hitting major landmarks.http:/...

Enchanted Woods Children's Garden At Winterthur Museum, Gardens And Library, Delaware. Founded by Henry Francis du Pont, Winterthur (pronounced “winter-tour”) is the premier museum of American decorative arts, reflecting both early America and the du Pont family’s life here. Its 60-acre naturalistic garden is among the country’s best, and its research library serves scholars from around the world. #winterthur_gardens, #winterthur_museum, #winterthur_childrens_gardens

Get Inspired: Lou-Xiaoying found and raised more than 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Jinhua, in the eastern Zhejiang province where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish.

UNHCR: No one chooses to be a refugee

Michael Jordan.

Heart Reef, in the Great Barrier Reef of the Whitsundays, is a stunning composition of coral that has naturally formed into the shape of a heart. Located in Hardy Reef, Heart Reef is best experienced from the air by helicopter or seaplane, as visitors are unable to snorkel or dive there due it's protected status. #heart_reef_austrailia, #unique_landmarks

Displacement Can Last A Lifetime For Many Refugees (From Boston's "Here And Now NPR") 1) The average refugee remains displaced for 17 years.2) If refugees around the world were added together, they would form a population as large as that of Colombia or South Korea.3) Over 80% of refugees are women, youth and children. This is a MUST read. hereandnow.wbur.o...

Firefighters on 9/11