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  • Terry Gallemore

    "You Park Like a Jerk" Mini Card 5 pack - Awesome idea to leave on a windshield of that person that is taking up multiple parking spots.

  • Anya Duxfield

    "You Park Like a Jerk" Mini Card 5 pack - Awesome idea to leave on a windshield of that stupid person that keeps taking your spot or is taking up multiple spots. via #handmade #humor I need a bunch of these for my work car park!!

  • Karlee Kage

    so funny: "You Park Like a Jerk" Mini Card 5 pack

  • CJ Sansone

    You Park Like a Jerk Pack via wonder if they make bumper stickers?

  • Liz Miller

    LOL Erin we should hand some out at the dog park so people can put them on our windshields!!

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