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Even if they're in trouble, fall asleep in the car, movies anything! and when they go away to sleep somewhere else, call them and tell them you love them and you send them kisses ♥ I do that for my kids always :) ALWAYS!

The 36th AVENUEfrom The 36th AVENUE

Five Mistakes Moms Make

I've gained so much. Want to remember this quote when I'm feeling alone!

Sawdust City LLCfrom Sawdust City LLC

Four Things You Can't Recover

Four Things You Can't Recover . . .

I love my kids. Even my daughter who passed away. The best thing I have ever done in life was become a mother. Everything else doesn't compare.

Perfect for you. Live everyday and remember this. If there is just one thing that you have learned in our long (forever) friendship I hope that it is this. Understand that it is true and ADJUST ACCORDINGLY. You know what I mean, Ari Bean!

It was the proudest moment to watch the Women I loved give birth to our first son, then a daughter but girls are Daddy girls, then #3. I thought I was going crazy I used to be so Tough, I tear up soo many times I watch them from afar doing something so Amazing something that is not from this Earthly Parent but from the Father you want to know "Priceless" Kids are

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. -CS Lewis #kids